“If I knew just how valuable Robert was going to be as a consultant, I would have encouraged him to go out on his own sooner. Of course we miss his day-to-day presence at the agency, but he’s made up for his absence by being indispensable in other ways.”

Martin Puris
Former Chairman, CEO, Chief Creative Officer, Ammirati Puris Lintas
Former CEO, Engine USA

“Robert has handled a variety of critical, highly sensitive assignments that, frankly, we could not have completed on our own. In many cases, the value he added made the difference between success and failure. I’ve come to rely on his honest counsel and his superb judgement. In short, Robert is the ultimate trouble-shooter. He works smart. He works fast. He always delivers.”

Phil Palazzo
Former President, International Operations, Ammirati Puris Lintas
Founder, PALAZZO | Investment Bankers

“Robert, as the saying goes, is someone I would pick to go to war with. Regardless of the business category, the difficulty of the problem or the product or service in question, as a working partner he would be my first, second, and third choice.

I’ve never failed to learn from Robert. His strategic insights, unlike most people’s, are truly insightful. He adds value, always. He speaks his mind. He never blows smoke. I’m convinced that extended exposure to Robert renders one smarter, happier, infinitely successful… and might even lower cholesterol.”

Mike Slosberg
Co-Founder, Vice Chairman/Chief Creative Officer Emeritus, Digitas

“Much of Compaq’s success in the 90s to become the world’s largest PC maker can be traced directly to Robert Solomon. Even though he served multiple clients simultaneously, he immersed himself in our business, crafting a marketing strategy which leveraged general advertising, direct mail, and the web to seamlessly integrate long term brand building and immediate demand generation for all our product lines.

Robert always displayed an uncanny ability to navigate our often treacherous internal and external terrain, moving at the breakneck speed required in the high tech industry.”

W. David Vining
Former Director of Advertising and Direct Marketing, Compaq Computer
Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, CoreNet Global

“Robert is truly unique. His skills in both strategy and creative execution complement each other beautifully. It’s rare you meet, much less work with, such a gifted individual.”

Richard P. Shaw
Former CEO, Shaw Wunderman

“Robert Solomon is one of the brightest minds in direct marketing today. His unique blend of analytical skill and creative talent consistently spawns break-through programs which are uniquely successful in building client business.”

John Loden
Former President, FCB Healthcare

“Robert creates creativity combustion. He is both the flint and the fuel to finding highly creative solutions to marketing and communication problems. At Ammirati, everybody always said, ‘well, what does Robert think?’ I suspect lots of companies will do that now. I will.”

Robert T. Quish
Former COO, JWT North America
President, Global Strategy, inVentiv Communications at inVentiv Health

“Robert Solomon is the best marketing consultant around for digital shops. He can engage in virtually all aspects of the marketing equation, from site development to customer proposition through analysis of the existing customer database.”

Brian Cauley
Managing Director, Media IQ, Procurian