Brand Relationship Management

There are lots of marketers that can do junk mail. Or junk direct response TV. Or junk radio or print advertising. Or even junk digital.

If you’re looking for junk, please don’t call Robert; he’s not your guy.

But if you’re a marketer searching for something better, something that embodies what’s great about effective brand advertising, but still is conceived and crafted to elicit a high volume of orders or inquiries.

The fact is, you aren’t looking for direct marketing; you’re looking that something better, what we call brand relationship marketing.

If you are one of these seekers, please do call Robert; he most certainly is your guy.

Serving as the account lead on your assignment, Robert can put together a superb copywriting, art direction, and production team to create a solution that delivers results. Communication that is smart and effective, that connects with readers and viewers, and that elicits powerful response.

In short, brand relationship advertising, driven by better ideas, not bigger budgets. Delivered by a team that is conceptually smart, savvy, and veteran. A team that gets it right the first time, not the fifth time.

You’ll be amazed at how fast, cheap, and good – yes all three, not two out of three – working with Robert will be.