Executive Coaching

A friend and former colleague pointed out many people approach me, seeking counsel, and suggested I add executive coaching to the roster of skills I offer. I agreed, and went back to school to gain additional knowledge that would build on my 30-plus years of marketing and advertising experience.

Twelve years ago I completed my studies and earned a certificate in Organizational and Executive Coaching from New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.  I now offer coaching to individuals and organizations to supplement the consulting work I do.

I work with clients at all levels — from C-level executives to those just starting out, in virtually every area of functional expertise, to address real world problems in talent management, client retention, new business development, and related areas.

My goal is to achieve actionable results in the shortest time possible.  To help arrive at a solution, I often add consulting techniques to coaching discussions.

Sessions generally run about 90 minutes, and can be by phone or in person, depending on a client’s preference.  Costs are surprisingly reasonable.

If you’re thinking about retaining a coach, or have a problem in need of a solution, feel free to email me at robert@solomonstrategic.com for a no-obligation discussion.