Website Creation

If you’re an entrepreneur establishing a reputation, or a firm seeking to better position itself in the marketplace, Solomon Strategic can help.

Our work begins with brand positioning. If you have one, terrific. If you don’t, we will create one, using a proven, well-developed methodology to arrive at a solution that not only makes the perfect elevator speech, but also serves to precisely and concisely describe why you are in business and how you differentiate from competitors.

Once there’s a positioning, Robert develops a creative brief to guide site development. From there, he works on site architecture to formulate a story, then writes material that captures the spirit of you and your firm. He partners with one of a handful of truly superb art directors to bring your site to life, then works with a website developer known for creating elegant code.

Robert also handles the all-important “housekeeping” on the assignment: building a schedule, developing and managing to a budget, meeting follow-up, and all other mundane but critical client service details.

Robert’s chief advantage is that he wears two hats: as the account person on the assignment, and as the writer. The benefit to you? Lower cost. Better content.

Need to create a site, or rethink the one you have? Call Robert.